Anyone ever opened MIT cables?

Has anyone ever opened (and thus demolished)MIT cables? What is inside those boxes? What is the 'secret' anyway? Pictures?

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There is no big "secret" about MIT cables. They're just circuits that act like tone controls.
No once again they're expensive tone controls. Spectral is known to be bright at times why do you think they recomend you use MIT cables? And CARL if I remember right you have a krell amp another company that is know to be bright. So it's no wonder you like MIT. I had there 770 wire and 330 plus series 3 stuff. It still sounded great but I didn't need to "fix" anything when I got my new amp and I could now hear exactly how much the MIT wire was changing the sound compared to non boxed cable. MIT wire intentionally warmed the sound at the expense of some imaging and detail loss and a little less bass. That was unacceptable for me. I didn't need it to do that nor wanted MIT for that. So good riddens to $5000 worth of tone controls. However if that's what somebody wants and needs in their system and they are happy then more power to them. MIT doesn't suck if you need them but they are still just entirely over priced tone controls. And they still beat a lot of cables out there in the right systems that need them.