Anyone ever mount a Clearaudio TQ-1 to a Micro Sei

Does anyone have experience mounting a TQ-1 to a Micro Seiki 1500/5000? Any input on armboards or set up tips would be appreciated.
I had this arm for a number of years on a Clearaudio TT. It was nice while it worked, but what a major pain to maintain! Any tiny spec of dust on the LP or the rails or rollers and this got stuck. I was always getting up to bump this to get the music going again. Run, don't walk away from this and find a nice pivotal arm. Or if you want a linear arm, consider the ET.
Whoa! I hope I'll have better luck. I've had the ET many years ago and liked it but hoped the lack of a vaccum pump would be nice. I've got a FR64fx in case. Anyone have better luck with the souther TQ-1?
If dust is a problem on low-flow arms, then you could always try a "high-flow" linear-tracking arm like the CartridgeMan Conductor. I know nothing of the arm other than I'd like to try it someday.
NO but I once tried to mount a .... ooops, wrong forum ;~)