Anyone ever modified a MP 1 Mk 11 Atma Sphere Pre

Has any one ever modified the latest Atma Sphere MP1 Mk11

If so can you share what you did and what was the results Also where can it be done.
Macallan25, you might also inquire at the OTL Asylum. A fair number of Atma-Sphere owners check-in there:

Ralph says the enhanced power supply regulation now in the Mk.III version of the preamp is a huge improvement, but this would be a factory update.
Why would you want to? Rushton is right, though. The upgrade by Atma-sphere to the Mk. 3 version should result in a noticeable sonic improvement. I just had some upgrades done to my MP-3 preamp, and the results were very impressive!
Another thing to remember. If you get an upgrade from Atma-Sphere you get a brand new warranty!
It doesn't get much better than Atma-Sphere OTL's ;^) Unless of course Ralph has an upgrade, cut to the chase, call Ralph. Happy Listening!