Anyone ever Mod a Sunfire Sub?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this?
I'm having trouble with my Sub with auto turn on.
I understand these Subs are notorious for failure.

I'm thinking it may be the Caps gone bad? Has anyone ever Modded-Capped a Sunfire Sub? May it be some other problem? It gradually got worse, and worse, and now it doesn't turn on at all. Any/all advice is appreciated. I of course know the default answer, send it back! Mark
I has a Sunfire Architectural Signature Sub in my systeam for five years. Not a problem one. I surely don't any any knowledge of the being notoriuos for failure. I guess one could open it up and pinpoint exactly what the problem is. Do you have the schematic for the unit? What model? How old is the unit?
It's a Sunfire True Sub MK-IV. As for Schematics, I know of no one who has them available? Mark