Anyone ever heard/try Maggies hooked up to Pass amp?

I have Maggie 3.6's. I am considering trying Pass Monoblocks (600 Model). Has anyone heard or tried Maggies with Pass gear? If so how did it sound?


I had that combination at one time
Lean bottom end rolled off dynamics on the high end
The Maggies sounded much better with the Lamm 2.1 monoblocks
While i've not heard it, i would have suspected something to what Acuujim stated in terms of the lean bottom end. Maggies are typically "quick and clean" on the bottom end and so are Pass amps. As such, i think the combo would lack "weight" or "authority". Just guessing though... Sean
I have tried the Pass Aleph design 100 watt monoblocks with 3.5/3.6's and while the overall sound was acceptable as long as the music did not get demanding. The amps ran very hot and the at times clipped.I e-mailed Pass and asked what could be going on and they said sort of matter of factly- "then Pass amps aren't for you".