Anyone ever heard Rega separates?

Particularly the Exon monoblocks with Cursa preamp? I've heard Rega integrateds and I like the Rega sound in general, but what can you say about Rega separates?

Thanks, R
I have a Hal preamp which is the flagship pre in '98. It's no longer made. It's a dead quiet preamp with excellent build quality, great controls (remote). It's somewhat warm sounding and an excellent buy if you can find one. It has one quirky feature which I'm not sure the Cursa has - that's that they use XLR connectors for the preamp outputs. This is good in that you get a better connection, but perhaps a little inconvenient in that you have to have your IC's terminated with XLR on one end.
I've owned Rega Brio and Miro and now Miro3; I am very happy with the sound of the Miro3 (which I use in a second system, although a little limited in terms of force and scale, but really clear and clean for the money. I have a Rega Maia power amp which I now use im my home theatre system; compared to my other power amps it's ok but not as good... I was a little disappointed with the Maia, especting the same performance as the Miro3... I "hear" that the slightly bigger Exon mono's are the ones to get. I would expect that the Cursa3 would have the same sound as the Miro3 (?) which would be good.