Anyone Ever Heard of "Sonus Fidelity" Speakers????

Has anyone (with some history and credibilty on Audiogon) ever heard of "Sonus Fidelity" speakers?  

I see an ad for a pair of monitors by a seller, which has no history on Audiogon.  

I did a Google Search and found almost nothing - save for a YouTube video promoting an earlier "prototype" developed by some unknown individual.  

So... what's the scoop on the seller, the developer and the speakers?  

Seems very suspicious to me - certainly a very risky purchase.  

I would be suspicious too.  In this day and age, any company that doesn't have a website is not really a company.  And most likely a scam.

From the name, this sounds like a cheap Far Eastern knock off of a well known and respected Italian loudspeaker.

My thoughts exactly...
I would suggest Audiogon... offer some kind of warning for any seller who has no history on Audiogon, since many Audiogon novices might be tempted to purchase from such a seller, or simply might overlook the extra care that should be taken when purchasing from a seller with no record.