Anyone ever heard of a Nagatron 350E MM Cartridge?

I found this among a bunch of turntable parts I was unpacking over the weekend and I've never heard of it. It appears to be a New cartridge although I suspect it's possibly thirty plus years old as are the turntable parts it accompanied. It has a hard plastic body and clear stylus cover. I did find some mention of it online but no specs were available. If anyone knows of these, has owned one or owns one now and has anything they could offer, I would be very appreciative. I have it mounted to my soon to be for sale Harman Kardon T-65c b/d with 1.25 grams on the counterweight and it tracks excellent and picks up details I wasn't hearing from my Blue Point. On the box it says High Resolution Magnetic Cartridge and Made in Japan but marketed out of New York, USA. It also says Nude Diamond Elyptical Stylus. It sounds really good, the bass is well defined and deep. The midrange is really sweet and natural with a warmth I haven't heard in a while, the highs slightly rolled off in the upper range but that might change after I put some time on it. This turntable has a good factory clamp that helps to create a better plain for better tracking. I'm listening to a good copy of Supertramp's Breakfast in America album and it's crystal clear with convincing piano and overall a very lively sound. My last hours with this Tandberg 3002-A pre with matching 3006-A amplifier. Unfortunately they are both going to a far away country closer to their Norway origin. I'll tell you, the Phono section inside this preamp rivals some of the best external preamps I've heard. It's a perfect system to test this vintage cart. The suspension seems fine, I'm really happy with this find, I got one new in the box.
The Nagatrons were a good line of high value cartridges back in the late 70s/early 80s. The line more or less paralled those of other brands of the time from cheap ($15) to pricey (>$150).

Nothing really special but certainly respectable.

Dear Loanofficer: That's is very good cartridge. I own it along other Nagatron's.


VTF: 1.5grs to 2.0grs ( you need to change it to 1.5grs at least. ).

Frequency response: 10hz-25khz

Channel separation: 25db at 1khz.

Output level: 4.0mv.

Load capacitance: 200-400pf.

Weight: 6.1 grs.

I like its quality level performance. Here you can read about MM/MI cartridges including Nagatron:

Regards and enjoy the music,
Dear Loanofficer,

I am interested in your T-65C turntable. Can you please give me a call at 603-475-8238?

If it is no longer for sale, I would appreciate it if I could ask you a couple of questions regarding the three small weights on the back of the tonearm. I would be happy to give you a call, if you prefer.