Anyone ever hear Stax Dac -X1t Tube dac

Stax made this 20,000 dollar ultra high end dac in the mid to late 90s.
It weighed like 60 pounds.
Anyone ever hear it?
Great looking and sounding DAC. Only drawback is that you have to spend the extra money on power cords to have the thing running. It was 3 power iec input, one per each transformer. Beside that great sound DAC and honestly I would love to own one.
I personally compare A/B stax x1t with zanden, the zanden is not even comparable. Stax x1t still the best so far in my system (I've tried many other such as mark levinson, mbl, altis, forsell...)
It was IMMEDIATELY removed from Recommended Components when the ML30 debuted.
A good sounding dac that remains in the top ten dacs I have heard over the years.... I still have mine although I dont use it anymore.... It was replaced (?) with an upper line Wadia..... still musical it is......