Anyone ever hear of Tomasz Stanko Quartet? Jazz

A friend of mine played a few cuts of his new cd "suspended night" and it sounded very good. I never heard anyone discuss his music before. has a pretty good write-up about him, his music style and his new cd. I thought I would check here to see if the jazz collective ever heard of him.

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Haven't heard half the discs he's put out (more than 20), but really like the ones i've got. All the ECM releases sound great, it's kind of hard to find a bad record w/Jon Christensen, Anders Jormin, Bobo Stenson, Terje Rypdal, Edward Vesala or Tony Oxley, but so far Matka Joanna (1995) is my favorite Stanko release.
I just got his "Soul of Things" cd on a 'goner's recommendation and I love it. I'm gonna check out some of your recommendations as well.
I have the same Soul of Thing. Good album. You should try it. Polish - and as many others Polish jazz musicians he is very good.

Thanks for the info. Since I liked the "suspended night" and purchased it, I will look at purchasing "soul of thing" and "matka joanna" to go deeper into his music projects. I find it truely amazing that he is one of those best kept secrets in the jazz world. In Europe he is probably well known and has a large fan base.

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