Anyone ever hear Meyer Sound X-10 speakers?

I read this about them...

Meyer Sound: The biggest secret in high-end loudspeakers is the Meyer Sound X-10. Priced up there with Wilson MAXXs and other big-baller loudspeakers, the X10 isn’t the prettiest date to the prom (to be kind), but industry types who have great ears are raving about this speaker. At a recent studio demo, editor Bryan Southard noted that the X10s are the only speakers he has ever heard that can recreate the true energy of a live drum kit. As a powered speaker with a horn tweeter, they might scare off some audiophiles, but it must be noted their horns don’t sound like stereotypical horn speakers. Top studios worldwide are installing Meyer Sound X10s into their mastering labs while the most cutting-edge custom installers are using X10s for their larger installations. Meyer also makes smaller speakers.
Meyer are experts at sound reinforcement (i.e. very very loud). I have never heard these but Angel Studios has a 5.1 set installed in one of their three studios...I'd bet they blow the socks off almost anything else! Better not to have neighbors! LOL
Hardly a secret -- let alone a "big" secret. You read ad copy maybe?
Very good speakers btw.
Here's a story from an old issue of The Absolute Sound. Dave Wilson and John Meyer used to live close to each other in Novato, Ca. One day Dave's son told Dave that John's son bragged that John's speakers could blow Dave's away. Dave replied that the difference between his speakers and John's was that at the same very high SPL, Dave's speakers would end up on fire, while the listeners to John's speakers would end up on fire.
No, I don't think it was ad copy. It came from this article:

Sorry, I should have posted the link before.
Nice story Tafka!
Anyway, Meyers are very serious products (you can't fool around too much in the with pro sector).
I'm also very curious about how this X-10 sound like especially in low volume. It looks like a powered and higher level TAD / Rey Audio.

Will the embedded power amp too big such that the sound at low volume is terrible?
My business partner has a pair of the HD-1's. They are ruthlessly revealing, and capable of very high SPL's.

Does your friend use a sub(s) with the HD-1's? What else are they paired with?

The HD-1s cover a wide range and, if you're into rock music you will not need a sub. They are powered and of high quality. They are also very revealing but, keep in mind these are mastering devices first and foremost.

The X-10s are awesome from what I have heard but, they are expensive - about $20K+ last time I checked. The X-10 has a pressure compensator built in and will change it's response to any volumetric change in the immediate surroundings. For instance, if someone opens the door to a studio while these speakers are playing the response or output will immediately compensate so as not to alter the response from what the mastering engineer is hearing. They are also capable of extreme SPLs.

Both these speakers can be rented and, are often acquired this way since they are expensive and, the need is often temporary or specific job related.
At $20,000 each the X-10's are a little out of my budget right now but from what I have been able to read they are worth it. The HD-1's are about $4000 each. The frequency response specs from the Meyer website says they do 32hz-22khz.
Yeah, I've got a pair. Don't plan on replacing them.
How would these speakers do with a low watt SET system?
Belated response: You can't use the X-10s with a low watt SET system, or any other outboard amplification: they're active speakers with onboard amplification, built-in EMI/RFI filtering, and DSP crossover, not to mention the patented PSAC circuitry that controls the LF driver.

Because of my large listening area (27 x 26 x 18 feet), I use mine (the tower version: X-10T) with matching Meyer Sound 18" subwoofers.

For experimenting with amplifier flavours I have the Hart Audio Phoenix.