Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?

I recently shipped some Martin Logan Aerius in their original boxes via UPS and they cracked both of the side rails on both speakers! There is some dispute whether the box and packing material meets their guidelines. They were insured, taped in four different spots with strapping tape, but the just got abused buy them. Any hints on how to deal with them? It's not over yet, but I am not hopeful.
Personally I think these are the truth:

They will not approve the claim IF the item you are shipping are pack inside a box which does not meet the ability of holding that certain weight.

They will not approve IF you mis-declare whats inside.

I claimed once, I didnt get approve first time after the inspector inspected it, but me and the seller b_tch at them like 1000000 times, so they came again and inspect, I showed him the crazy beaten up box (got holes and tears) and the amp I recieved (It wasnt turning ON). It was a 75lb amp and the box says it ONLY support 60 lbs, thats why they didnt approve, but the reason why they approve second time is my seller shipped the item in the UPS station and they check the packing and said it was okay, my seller told them that if it wasnt okay they shouldve said so. They made a mistake, they had to approve my case. Email me if you have further question.
I have all the responces and they all make sense.I know it is more expensive but let me tell you the way to go.Have your shipments packed professionaly by a packing company let them also ship the package for you.This way they are responsable if anything happens.Let them deal with the shipping companys if there is a problem.This way if you have a problem it is there responibility!
I went through hell for 4 months after UPS rejected a damage claim for a fully insured BAT VK-60 amp which they abused so badly that 2 of its 3 transformers were literally torn from the chassis, despite the amp being shipped in its original box and all packing material. (Believer it or not, UPS tried to blame the company that shipped the amp for placing the shipping label on the bottom of the box.) Someone at my credit card company happened to advise me to contact the third-party insurance company that UPS uses and speak to the agent handling the case and his supervisor, which helped to resolve the matter. The crucial thing is NOT to give up. I was also advised to consider filing a complaint in small-claims court.
You just gotta double-box and anticipate the handling it's gonna receive....pack your precious item to survive it.

Funny story... I was home, expecting arrival of a McIntosh MC300 power amp (75 pounder). Well, when the "Brown Santa Claus" pulled up I jumped up and walked out to the truck...just in time to hear my precious amp hit the floor of the truck. Walked around to the back and saw the empty rack it had been up on and how far it fell. Damn! Driver looked pretty sheepish, and did help me carry it in the house.

Check out how McIntosh packs their stuff to ship. It'll survive being dropped off your roof!
Ups owns mail box express .The insurance is allways threw UPS .Mail boxes at least the one where I do buisness always deals with UPS insurance for the costumer if they dont go do a diferant mail box express.