Anyone ever experiment w/ better circuit breakers?

With all the time some of us have put into dedicated lines, iso grounds, better plugs,...Has anyone tried different brands-qualities of circuit breakers?
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Are you aware that the National Electrical Code (N.E.C.) makes it clear that the breaker used in an electrical panel shall be the same brand as the panel itself? That doesn't leave you with to many options. You could up-grade to a bolt in breaker panel if you had some extra money to throw away. That's what we use in Commercial and Industrial installations.
If you want to spend the money, go for a panel with copper bus and bolt on breakers.
Glen's statement is correct that the brand of the breaker panel normally dictates the brand of breaker. Bolt-in would provide a more solid connection, but there's another alternative.
Take a giant step backwards in time & install a small fused disconnect branch circuit panel, paralleled off your mains, before power even reaches the main disconnect breaker. Source your dedicated line(s) from fuses, which sound better than any circuit breaker. Old ceramic fuses sound best but the new plastic ones are OK too. Just don't use glass fuses, they're not nearly as smooth sounding.
Bob is right as far as my ears are concerned. I threw all circuit breakers out and installed ceramic fuses. Much better punch and dynamics. Cheers,
Would someone like to set some percentages on this tweak? After (a) dedicated circuits, (b) hospital grade wall outlets and high quality in-wall cable, (c) a/c line filters, and (d) audiophile grade power cords everywhere (not to mention the Quietline shunt filters in every unused outlet), am I REALLY going to be able to hear what changing the circuit breakers does??
Flex, you pose a tough question. When I was persuaded by my technician to change to ceramic fuses on all my lines, I pretty much had all the tweaks you mention already installed. I did the change more for puristic reasons, but being basically doubtful. But having done so, I had the distinct impression that the music came through with better dynamics. I cannot give you a percentage, it happened a few years back and the ear adapts so quickly to positive changes, which hence seem normal immediatedly. Of course I cannot be sure, if this is once more a case of autosuggestion, but then, if I had to start from scratch, I'd do it again. Cheers,
Whatever you do, do not use ground fault breakers which are extremely noisy.
I installed three dedicated circuits a couple weeks ago for my H/T system. I used dedicated neutrals, isolated grounding and a dirty ground. Everything was run in conduit. Nothing-fancy just #12 THHN. I have upgraded all my power cords and have a line conditioner. I too use short out plugs on all unused inputs. I can say I like these upgrades and know they are all good for my systems but realistically I did not here much change in the sound quality.

Sometimes you don't here something after you add it, but notice it once it is taken back out of the system. I never realized I had boomy bass till one day I tweaked a tube pre-amp into my system and WALA! It was gone. That's when I realized I had boomy bass before.

This weekend I am running three more dedicated circuits to my bedroom system. Being an Electrician by trade this is a relatively cheep tweak for me. I may do away with the power conditioners down the road. I'll let you know after I have had ample time to test and compare.
Very good point Glen! Often enough you only fully apprehend the effects of a tweak, when you have taken it out of the system again, just as you said! Cheers,
Glen, I'm keenly interested in the comparison b/ween p-conditioner in & out of circuit.
Good point about the b/ward comparisons!
Yep - ceramic fuses are best downunder too!
I ran three dedicated circuits up to my bedroom yesterday. Same as before, three hots, three dedicated neutrals, one isolated ground and a dirty ground. I used Hubbell industrial grade I.G. receptacles.

I plugged the amp into the first one, pre-amp the second (Recommended by the factory) and power conditioner the third. I then plugged the transport and Dac into the power conditioner.

What did I here from this tweak? Nothing! AND A LOT OF IT!! The noise floor had dropped dramatically. I barely heard any hiss coming out of my speakers. Even when I pressed my ear to them and cranked the volume up full blast they were unbelievably quiet. (With nothing playing of course).

The music leapt off a pitch-black background, much darker than before. The instruments had more separation in the sound stage and I could actually hear the wood resonating off some of them. AMAZING! I must say I am a believer in dedicated power now. Even the wife noticed a change.

I'm actually afraid to touch or tweak the system any more for fear of losing this newfound magic. To think I had given up on my Thiel 3.6 speakers many times in the past never once realizing they could sound like this. I can’t imagine the sound being any better even from speakers costing twice as much. GREAT SYNERGY :^)