Anyone evaluate the Xindak ?

I was wondering if anyone had evaluated and listened to any of the Xindak integrated amps, particularly the 6900SE ?What impression did it leave you and what were the other associated components used? I'm curious how it would sonically compare to other hybrid-type integrateds in the market.
Hi Sherod,

this could be a very interesting thread...especially if we enlarge the question just a bit to include an overview of every hybred amp now out the sense of comparing them to each other...

Yes...yes, I know that comparing amps in this way is unrealistic...but wouldn't it be nice to see if any real differences exist in the plethora of new hybreds that are popping up in the audio markets these days...

It seems that many amplifier designers are jumping on the band wagon perceiving, no doubt, a new and active market in this particular design strategy.

Another question might be: Does this design topology actually work? or is it a compromise approach that never actually (fully/completely) integrates the disparate technologies of SS and tube into a "whole" fabric of its own.

The Chinese are certainly coming on strong into the American audio market with ever newer designs and making quite an inroad hears varying feedback about thier level of craftsmenship which is reputed/reported to be inconsistent irregular and in some cases down right unreliable...

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a forum that could gather information about these reliability issues? That would put the Chinese audio companies on notice that they had better intensify their quality control or loss customers...also what about the issue of "updates" and maintenance here in the US? Obviously, this could also become an issue...I do not have to mention how many times product distributors change hands...often an irksome business for the owner of audio gear...

Just some thoughts...

And while we are on the subject...can anyone who actually owns the unico integrated give us a clear perspective on what it sounds like?

As always...thanking everyone in advance.

Excellent questions Richard. I too would like to hear some feedback regarding the issues you brought up. If you can go back to the early to late 80's and read up in some of the IAR Hotlines, you'll find that J. Peter Moncrieff was one of the first to talk in depth about this ideal "Hybrid" sound that his ears were yearning for.
I was very impressed by the heft and the sound.

As a point of reference I have owned:
Jeff Rowland Concentra
Electrocompaniet ECI4
Pathos Twin Towers (current reference)
Bel Canto eVo2i
BEL 1001 mk. IV
Counterpoint . . . the list goes on.

Muse Model Nine Signature (seriously undervalued piece!)
Talon Raven speakers (can't say enough good about these)
Great cables, conditioners and assorted tweaks.

The sound of the Xindak is detailed, rich and powerful. Nothing to criticize with the possible exception of a slight tilt up in the bass region (in my room, system, etc.)

The qualtity was, however, lacking and gave me serious concerns about the long term viability of the unit. This was a 2 week old demo from a local dealer I was loaned. One tube appeared out although both channels played(?); the volume balance at low levels was very imprecise and a couple of other nits.
I own the Xindak 6900SE along with the SCD-2 player. The integrated is very good- nice imaging, detail, and great dynamics. While I have to say that this wasn't better than the separates I had, it was pretty close and for less than the cost of my preamp alone. I've personally have never owned a tubed/hybrid integrated amp, but my preferences in separates are a good tubed preamp matched with a good solid state class A amp- and the 6900SE gives me the same type of rich, detailed sound without sacrificing dynamics. I have owned other integrated amps in the sub $2000 range, and to me, this one is my favorite.

One thing though- with the stock tubes, this amp was only average- still worth the money, but nothing to get really excited about. Then when I changed the stock tubes to a pair of Western Electrics, this opened up the sound and added bass (very well controlled bass) that the stock tubes lacked. But the changes weren't half as evident as changing the tubes on the SCD-2 CD player- I was ready to throw the SCD-2 out the window until I upgraded the tubes!

So for the money, I definitely would not hesitate to recommend either the 6900SE or the SCD-2 to anyone looking at putting together a sub 10K system, with one caveat- dump the stock tubes and don't waste your time with them. I was really reluctant to purchase these two items because there are only a handful of people that have actually done any kind of reviews on them, but I'm really happy now that I took a chance. But I do sometimes wonder how some of this equipment could have been so highly touted by some of the dealers with the stock tubes???

Hope this helps!
Thanks to all who have contributed information. This is all very interesting.
What tubes do you guys recommend to upgrade the sacd2