Anyone else using the VonSchweikert vr35 speakers?

I just purchased a pair of Von Schweikert vr-35 speakers and they are simply marvelous sounding. My previous speaker was the Tyler Acoustics D1 (retailed for $9800)which is a great value and easily performed with many much more expensive speakers. However, the Von Schweikert vr-35 is completely on a different level. The vr-35 was expressly designed to be placed against the wall which was the main reason I decided to change speakers. I am finishing my basement and my wife wanted a lower profile speaker so I started researching. I ran across a dealer who told me the vr-35 were stunning and he recommended them to me. I found out through some research that the VR-35 is using extremely high quality drivers made in Denmark and are assembled in California. All other parts are true high quality. The same drivers in the vr-35 are being used in a couple other high end speakers that retail for mega-mega-bucks. The bass is simply outstanding and sounds like you have 2 really good sub-woofers in the room. The vr-35 has a trapezoidal cabinet shape and creates a large wall of music that has to be heard to appreciated. I talked to an Audiogon member that sold his very expensive Magico speakers and when he told me the vr-35's were better I had a hard time believing him. However, after listening to them I understood why he made the comment. The vr-35's are very musical but it does take some time to get them placed. Moving them an inch in any direction makes a difference. Albert has done an amazing job engineering the vr 35's and deserves to be recognized for providing this type of quality/performance/price in the hi-end audio world.

My equipment includes:
PS Audio PWT
First Sound MKIII Pre
Bob Carver 180 Tube Mono-blocks
(2)Lessloss Signature Power-Cords
(2)JPS Labs Power-Cords
(1)Wegrzyn Power Cord
Q Cable
I have had these only a couple of weeks but they floor me already.
Cool to read. I'm a VR-33 owner and am pretty happy with them. The only aspect of their sound I ever find myself slightly wanting in is dynamics, which has largely been mitigated by feeding them more (~200+wpc) juice with a Redgum RGi120 ENR.

As far as life style compatibility, these speakers cant be beat!
The bass I get from the vr 35 is outstanding. It is liking have to great 10" servo sub-woofers in the room. My previous Tyler D1's had a total of eight 7" bass woofers which produced good bass but nothing like the vr 35. The quality of the parts that Albert used in my pair really made a difference. We need more of this type of product in the hi end audio world. You will spend many times the money to better them.
These speakers just keep getting better.
One of the great speakers on the market. I also love the new Sony SS's, Vandersteens, ATC and Focals. Did you audition these against any of those?
Thankful how are your 35's modified per your response on another thread? i have a pair powered by sim audio w7s, cj act 2.2 and a simaudio super nova cd. How were the 35s modified and with what results??? thanks ray
I got a great deal on a pair of VR-35s that I could not pass up. They sound great but I think my Ayon Spirit III tube integrated is a little low on power to make them sound their best.

I wonder what the OP thinks about the Carver 180s powering them? Anyone else have any suggestions on something in the 200wpc range that would be a good match?
Van Alstine Synergy 450 .