Anyone else use MIT and Transparent together?

I recently upgraded my main cabling to MIT Matrix HD60 spkr cables and HD23 interconnects, but the hardest link to make was on my front end. I use a Yaquin tube buffer with exceptional results, but I couldn't quite nail the best match for connecting my Denon Anniversary SACD player to the buffer without some sonic deteriment...nothing seemed to click! I finally revisited my old standby cable brand from the 90's...Transparent Cable. I'm using Ultralink Plus and it is out of this world sickly good...really good. Everything went from ok sounding to "I'm in the concert hall" righteousness:) The more I play around in this hobby, the more I find interesting ways to combine brand's for maximum sonic results. One thing I do know is that cable is just wire unless the inherent problems with signal transmission are addressed...MIT and Transparent are uniquely talented in this area. If they ever combined technologies who knows? Until then, I've done it for my system and man o man does it deliver!
MIT speaker cables and AudioQuest IC's have always been a winning combo in my system(s) especially the AQ IC's that implement the DBS system. I also run SR power and subwoofer cables that use their Active Shielding and find the MIT speaker cables easily allow the power and upstream IC cables to show all their unique attributes not to mention a musical synergy that's hard to beat.

I've tried different speaker cables including AQ's own Volcano with 72vdc DBS and the MIT Shotgun S1.3 Bi-wire speaker cables I'm currently using exhibit greater organic characteristics along with the potent yet articulate bottom end that MIT cables have in spades.

I am with you on on the newer transparent cables..they are REALLY good...sorry I can't help you on your question...I am running all transparent interconnects and speaker :)
I'm very happy with the synergy between the MIT Matrix spkr cables and IC's from my pre to main and my Transparent Super from source to pre....mezmerizing!!
I also had nineties era Transparent cabling throughout my system. The upgrade bug hit last fall and I bought MIT Shotgun 1.3 speaker interfaces which resulted in a dramatic improvement. I then bought the MIT Shotgun 1.3 interconnect for the Magnum Dynalab FM Tuner to Krell Phantom II connection, another dramatic improvement. The MIT Magnum proline balanced XLR is on its way for the Krell SACD Standard MK III to pre-amp connection. My Krell electronics are now doing what they are designed to do> In fairness, the Transparent cabling was not in the same price range as MIT, but I was not expecting this level of improvement. I am very impressed with MIT.
I'm considering getting the MIT Shotgun 1.3 I/C but was told by an audiophile to go for the Siltech 550i. Has anyone compared these two interconnects?
Switched to Transparent Musicwave Plus spkr, far better dynamics, tone, image density and warmth without sacrificing detail!