Anyone else upset about new Audiogon policies?

I've been a member since 2002, that's almost twenty years. Back then you had many free re-lists. Recently this changed to one free re-list. Now I find out that there is no more free re-list. Never did I receive any information from Audiogon about the new re-list policy. I only found out when I went to re-list something that I had paid $28 for that didn't sell in 30 days. Lets see, that's $1 per day for a listing. Anyone else upset abut this?
I can see where people are upset, but I also see many many examples like one user has had “19 pairs of Wilson sashas” listed for over  a year, and the back panel of two Audio research LS 28’s for about the same time without ever changing. Listings get old so they need to either drop the price or end the ad. If your ad needs a renewal you need a pricing reality check.
Still posting is free, i do not know how the insider lobby works but this a biz site after all.
We are not forced to buy or sell for having the ability to post something.
If a seller then add any fees to the selling price.
I expect that if trying to sell through a dealer then fees or commission would be much higher.
I have bought and sold a fair amount of equipment over the years. The one thing I have noticed is that if you're looking for something there seems to be many more listings on the other "Mart" site. Lately I have used them for selling as a first choice due to the fees. I have never had an issue. I don't give a hoot about the ads. If the ads are what it takes then bring them on. My guess is that while I like and appreciate the A'gon site, from a selling standpoint they seem to be missing the boat. Take any well known piece of equipment and compare the number if listings on each site. My guess is you will find more on the other site. However, I do like the forum layout better here. My two cents.
Having also been a long time member and seller here and other sites I'd offer that if something doesn't sell in a month it was priced too high. If I don't get "Action" on my listing within a few days to a week of posting it- meaning some questions, some conversations or offersI know it's priced too high. I lower the price to  point that generates interest. Just like with real estate and cars - it's ultimately about the price. At some price point EVERYTHING will sell. It may not be to your liking but things sell at the point the market determines. And, I think its much better to drop price sooner than later on an item in order to get activity on it. It's really rare that a "full price" buyer appears out of the woodwork 3.5 weeks into a month long listing.
From a business perspective, when you see Canuck and US Audiomart’s listing volume grow (they definitely have more ads then they did 5 years ago) Audiogon is either happy with their model or continue increasing their fees to cover diminished revenues. I don’t know and frankly I’m just happy I have options. I slowed down my business with Audiogon when they moved away from protecting buyers/sellers properly and would not discipline/remove unscrupulous members. They are so inconsistent and reckless in this regard. It’s really terrible how they deal with these issues as opposed to the prior owner who kept a safe haven. You are on your own with Audiogon if you have an issue unless it’s absolutely black and white but how many issues are.