Anyone else tried these speaker cables?

Recently added the Von Schweikert Master Built Speaker Cables into my system and the wow factor went off the charts. Once again the word I have for the Master Built cabling is "musical". Open and clear but does not dry, bright and sterile like many of the speaker cables out there. Rich with weight and presence but not dark, cloudy and blurred. I gauge cabling mainly by how it portrays the piano. The Signatures do this better than any speaker cable I have owned or tried in my system. Bass is tight, deep and proportionate to the recording. Across the frequency spectrum the music is presented just right. I have tried many top of the line and expensive speaker cables and some were bright while others made me feel I had a sheet over my speakers. The word for the Master Built cables is "musical". I am listening to the music again and not analyzing components during listening sessions. The nice thing about this is these still have some more break in to do:)
I have not tried these cables.In fact I have not bought cables in years.But I congratulate you on finding cables that complement your system, and you are happy with.Seems like some folks never find the cables that will make them happy for the long run.
Hi Thankful,

As you know, I have the Masterbuild Signature speaker cables, interconnects, and powercords. If you haven't tried the signature powercord, especially on the amp, "you ain't heard nothin yet". I hope you'll be able to compare the Standard with the Signature and report on the differences.
The VSA Master Built cables are not really marketed and reviewers take care of their sponsors and those are major reasons why these are not as well known. But I can tell you these make beautiful music. The entry level Purple Line speaker cables and interconnects will out perform most of the stuff out there. The Signature speaker cables are the just right cables. Like all of this audio stuff they are an investment.
I hope I can someday move up to the Signature power cords but not sure if I will be able to soon. I have it on my wish list. I can say that the Standards are the best power cords I have used and the Signature speaker cables are stunning good. If more folks tried the Master Built cables they would be very happy customers.