Anyone else tried the GrungeBuster 2.2 CD Mats ?

I love mine...I will not listen to any CD without them period!
I have one. I really can't say one way or the other,it doesn't seem to make a difference with my outfit. I quit using it just for the fact that you have to play with it for a bit to install it and I hear no real results.
Seems to have a small but noticeable clarity effect on many clear cd's. When used with most opaque or solid color cd's there seems to be no difference. It does take a moment of patience to put it on the cd. I still use it on some cd's. It's worth the $15, just.
It's alot easier to put on than the older large mat. I was worried it may not help as much due to its smaller coverage. It works fine and like the bigger mat makes equal improvements on my Trivista CDP. I was also always paranoid the bigger mat might fall off during play possibly damaging the transport. When listening I find a nicer, smoother top end and less digital yuck factor. I also found LF improvement. It's a good deal and returnable if not satisfied.

These CD mats reduces microphonic vibrations and slippage in CD's rotation, the laser focues more accurately. This reduces digital error and reduces grunge, glare, and other distortions.
I tried the older larger mat and noticed no differeces. I auditioned it for a couple of weeks and sent it back for a refund. Herbie is great to deal with, whether you keep his product or not. He understands they won't work in all applications.

My CDP swallowed a 2.2 - Herbie quickly refunded my money on the two I bought - even before I could tell him to trade them in for an old larger style one. From new they were easier to install but quickly four sides (in a square pattern) were no longer in contact with the disc even if only a song or two was played upon ejecting the media. Haven't played the system since. Too lazy to disassemle the rack and open this pig. I think there are at least 20 torx screws holding on the top. Steve thought it might be that my puck was grabbing the disc with alot of force. Great people to do biz with. No real horrible sounds (metallic) but I do think it will be caught up around the puck/spindle motor.