Anyone else treated poorly by AVA?

Back at the end of December 2020, I placed an order with Frank at Audio by Van Alstine for a Vision SLR preamp. Heard so many good reviews about Frank and his products, I felt that was just what the doctor ordered for my system. At first I was told the custom building of my unit would take up to 3 weeks. Then, as nothing happened, I inquired and was told due to an unexpected high volume of orders, mine would take another 2 weeks. I then told Frank, please tell me if there are any further delays because not knowing is worse than getting bad news. Three weeks past, not a word from Frank. So, almost 2 months past the order date, I called him and he tells me they have a problem, the master technician who builds these units left for another state to care for his wife who got sick. I get that and I hope with all my heart she will be ok. But bottom line is Frank fed me multiple excuses for not performing while not communicating about any of it. It was completely inexcusable. He had my money for nearly two months and did not bother to keep me updated of what was going on. I could not ever recommend AVA to anyone and felt compelled to relate this on this site since I usually see only praise for Frank and I frankly felt the opposite. Worst audio purchasing experience in my 66 years.

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+OP  I read his post, didn't sound as if he felt untitled. I recently sent an amp in to have repaired, the tech contacted me when he was told buy his supplier parts may be held up. It may take longer than expected. In fact he ended up with the parts only a few days late which he communicated to me, then sent my amp priority shipping at great cost to himself (which I told him was not necessary) to guarantee his commitment. That's the way you do business. Personally I think the C19 excuse is being used for incompetence and laziness. 
Unacceptable. If I treated my clients this way I’d be homeless. Get your money back and move on. 
My experience with AVA was positive. In January I purchased the new SET control amp and received it ahead of the estimated delivery date. I was given a phone call advising me that the amp shipped and I was sent a text message with the tracking number. 
My only statement is sometimes you have to be patient for a true quality product and ava is one of those type of products i hope you at least like the sound of the preamplifier you received.
I agree with the OP. Delays are understandable, but it only takes a minute to email your customer.