Anyone else think that Kid A sounds alot like Mingus?

I forget which track. I think National Anthem.



Radiohead and Mingus are unique, Kid A is A all the way and inspired by many styles as kroutrock, jazz, and leftfield electro. It took 15 months to record, pretty long time for a pop/rock band.


Not at all.  
Kid A, given it was my personal Sgt. Pepper or whatever (came out when I was 17,  was already a fan but this was revelatory, ‘Praise Be!!’ type stuff) is one of those top-10 worthy albums for me.  
Anything by Mingus, particularly The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, is also top-10 worthy for me. 
But, no. Just because there are some skwonking horns on “The National Anthem” doesn’t mean Kid A sounds like Mingus.