Anyone else remember this?

For the life of me I don't recall who made it- vintage 70's receiver that was wedge shaped- front panel sloped down and the tuning dial sort of similar to the Advent 300. Am I imagining this or does anyone else remember this? If you do recall it, what was it? Thanks-
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Yamaha and Nakamichi made some Pre-amps with tuner that were like this, I had a Nak, IMO best looking piece I ever had and musical as well.
I was very active in Audio at the time, highly doubt any receivers like that were ever made.
I'm with Iso, sounds like a B&O.
Nakamichi 630 Preamp/Tuner meets that description
In the 1970s, I briefly had a piece from Nakamichi that was as you describe. Gorgeous looking, but I thought it sounded hard and glassy, though very clean.
Drubin , by todays standards you are correct, but that clean as tooth was what wanted for speakers like Advent or AR .
That's folks. It was the Nak 630. I didn't remember it was a tuner/pre. For some reason I was trying to figure this one out for a while. Never heard the 630

Wondering if partnered with an ST-70, how thta would sound?
Probally not great, doubt if anyone ever re-capped one and it would be wildly out of spec by now, but only one way to find out-LOL.
Schubert -- that makes sense. I had Yamaha NS-1000's, which did not benefit from those qualities.