Anyone else order the New Totem Forest Signatures?

Decided to upgrade to the new Totem Forest Signature loudspeakers... Hi Fi House in DE, worked out a deal I couldn't refuse:) Didn't know about these when I ordered the standard versions last month. They have a reworked crossover with Mundorf Caps and Element series wiring, a new decoupling system from the Element series as well, a double metal tubed port system from the Element, a re-worked tweeter housing (channel), matched veneer on all sides with an 8 coat poly finish and new voicing to account for the changes and tilt option of the decoupling system! I also happen to have the same cables they used to demo the Signatures at RMAF...Transparent:) It will take roughly 5 weeks till they roll them out and get me a pair, but it will be so worth the wait!!!!!!!!
Forgot to mention they have a reinforced Binding post plate made of aluminum for better rigidity. MSRP is $6000
Alas, I have come up short on funds:( I will be getting the standard Forest instead...still an amazing speaker:)
Dave, please tell how you're liking the Forests. This past week I took the plunge and ordered a pair. I would be eager to learn what your experience has been.
I would rather get the new totem element fire than the forest signature. It has about the same price.