Anyone else noticing inflation in used gear $?

While quite non-scientific, judging by recent prices and the speed at which quality gear is moving on audiogon there seems to be both some price inflation and a pickup in the velocity of money? The economy is pretty horrendous, however I'd wager that audiophiles tend to be the more affluent among the general population - if not always rational... I generally subscibe to the theory that we are entering a period of stagflation, with inflation in the things we "need" and deflation in the things we "want" - however what I'm seeing here leads me to believe that either I'm incorrect or we all really do need Krell amps.
I've noticed somewhat the opposite. At least in terms of the gear that I follow and track.
It's supply and demand. Many people can't afford to trade up or buy new gear right now, so not much quality used gear is coming on the market. It's analagous to what it happening in the used car market.
Yes, we all really do NEED Krell amps! But, seriously, while the government sees negligible inflation, have you been to the gas station or grocery store lately? Of course,
prices are moving up on things we want and need. I spend a lot of time here on Audiogon and notice that if something is priced surprisingly low, relative to prevailing prices, it's sold before I even see the ad. Concerning quality
used gear on Audiogon, if you see what you want at a fair price-don't wait! I'm sorry it has come to that...but here we are. Obviously, bad for buyers, good for sellers.
I think things are picking up on Audiogon to some degree but I still see great bargains about every time I look. I am a dealer but have bought all my personal gear on here as it is way below dealer cost.
I don't need Krell but I do need LAMM, and there are a few at the moment to choose from. I am not sure about their prices, though they don't seem high to me, and are certainly negotiable. Yeah, some pieces are sold here within an hour or so, and other pieces never even appear.
So I can't say I noticed upward tendency, I think prices might just fluctuate a little.
I agree, prices of used gear seem to be moving up. In addition to general inflation, new gear pricing of the top USA brands is moving up which increases the demand for the used stuff. This is particularly true of stuff from Europe. ProAc recently had a significant increase, and this coupled with unfavorable exchange rates puts landing goods from Europe in the USA more expensive. Gear manufactured/sourced in the Asia market seems to be holding prices steady, and continues to improve in quality. What's that expression, 'go west young man'.
When the economy takes a big dive people seem to be afraid and tighten up there spending , but although the economy doesn't really improve , most folks get used to the situation a loosen up a bit with there spending .
A fixed price on old gear from a sellers point is just madness. Most gear sold that's 10yrs old or more is in need of a possible cap change or upgrading. This alone can nickle and dime a buyer into the poor house. I should think that more sellers could try to be more flexible and take this into consideration when posting older gear.
Only for the things I would like to buy. It's going the other way for things I would like to sell.
I agree completely, I was essentially not perusing the site at all for a few years and recently came back on a regular basis and was shocked at some of the prices. I have also noticed some very quick sales, it seems like every time I see something on New Today that I know is a good deal, it's already been sold. Luckily I'm not really in the market to buy anything, but it seems like quite a sea change from just a couple of years ago. No wonder more people seem to be going the modding and upgrade route, it can provide the best value.
If it is a best offer listing we don'r really know the final selling price unless we participate in transaction or communicate privately with other members. Personally, I pay little attention to the asking price when willing to buy, I just offer what I am prepared to pay with some room for negotiation.
Most good 10 year old gear requires nothing for at least 5-10 more years except tubes of course. Almost all my gear is more than 10 years old and I hear no difference compared to what it was 5 years ago.
I might also mention that there is a seasonality to sales on this site. I have always made it a point to buy in the summer and sell in the winter, though that might not be practial for all involved.
Well, often you have to buy when what you want is available which is not often especially taking into consideration who sells the piece. Better pay more and deal with seemingly more trustworthy person.
This is all speculation on my part.

I think the listing prices rising on vintage gear or gear in general is due to sellers getting outrageous low-ball offers. They are starting their pricing a bit higher to accommodate that.

E.g. I had a McCormack DNA-1 long ago that I listed at a price based on the avg of DNA-1s I saw here and on other sites in the same condition. I really believed I was at fair market value. I was getting offers of 30% to 40% below my listing price. If I was selling now I'd start a bit higher than that avg to get less insane low-ball offers. I'd get better offers from those who will base their offer as a percentage of listing price.

I also think starting prices on vintage gear may be higher due to people accounting for all the costs that go along with selling on A'gon. Maybe people just didn't notice it before in the better economy. Between the listing fee, ending fee, increasing costs of shipping, cost of using paypal etc etc selling here can be bit more than other sites. I'm not complaining about what A'gon charges. I pay the charges and still sell here when I can. I'd pay these prices to deal with the more professional people here any day. I just won't be listing small dollar items.
Inflation is not just in used gear. The price of parts is going up as a result of the value of the dollar. The best used gear has appreciated about 30% since a year or two ago, but it is absolutely a good buy.

There is no better indicator of what gear is actually worth, than to have it appreciate on the "Gon". No one knows audio gear better than shoppers here.
This appears to be even more pronounced over the last few months. The prices sellers here are asking and getting is really surprising?
Sales seem to be slower. Prices are about the same.
Used prices will inflate due to people not being able to afford to pay retail. Mortgage forclosures lead to rent skyrocketing.