Anyone else like the Audio Art Power 1 cords?

I have tried quite a few power cords in the "budget" segment of the market. This includes Kaplan HE, Black Sands Violet Z1, Balanced Power Tech C-9, and Shunyata Diamondback. I keep coming back to the Audio Art Power 1 cords with Furutech plugs. They seem to offer the best overall presentation in my system, with bass performance that shines relative to these other cords. Kaplans were more extended up top, but seemed lean in comparison (to my surprise). Black Sand Violet Z1 is good at frequency extremes, but the midrange is not as fluid. The Diamondback doesn't seem to compete. Maybe it is a system synergy issue. (Source is a Perfect Wave DAC/Transport, preamp is the Aesthetix Calypso, amp is the McIntosh MC275.)

Just curious why these cords are so well-reviewed but seldom get mentioned in Audiogon forums. Have members tried these cords and then move on? If so, what other cords offer better performance at less than $500?
I chose the Audio Art Power 1 for my Pass amps and like them very much. Also went with the Furutech option.
It's a really nice cord at the price point and I agree with onemug the Furutech upgrade is a good option. Also, Rob is one of the good guys in the industry, just a heck of a nice person.