Anyone Else Like Jimmy Smith?

I own a bunch of the Hammond B3 wiz's albums...have not come across any re-masters but what I have for the most part sounds decent. I would love to get a hold of some of his work hi-rez or the like. He is a very moving musician with tons of soul and an awesome sound. His sound is going to give your system a work out! I recommend ..'Jimmy Smith and Wes Mongommery'.. 'Home Cookin' and 'Even Dot Com Blues' (his latest). Anyone else have experience ..opinions recommendations?
I like "the Sermon" and "Prayer Meetin'". Both have been remastered by Rudy Van Gelden I believe (although not completely sure about the Paryer Meetin'.
Check out "Back at the Chicken Shack" recorded in 1960 with Kenny Burrell, Donald Bailey, & Stanley Turrentine. Outstanding. Also, Blue Note released a newly re-mastered (by RVG himself) version of "Groovin' At Small's Paradise" that sounds exceptional.

If you like the B3 sound, check out some of Brother Jack McDuff and Charles "The Burner" Earland. Both legends.
I like Jimmy Smith.
If you like Jimmy Smith, check out Joey DeFrancesco. Joey and Jimmy Smith actually play together on a CD entitled "Incredible". My favorite is "Live at the 5 Spot".
With him on this date are Grover Washington, Illinois Jacquet, Kirk Whalum, Houston Person and another organ great, Jack McDuff. It is one HELL of a jam session. Also check out Joey on Pat Martino's CD "Live at Yoshi's". Cue up "All Blues", crank up the subs and sit back and enjoy some of the best B3 music ever recorded.
For sheer musical magic, the Mosiac issue of the 1957 Blue Note sessions in New York are a must.

Remote recorded by Rudy Van Gelder and produced by Alfred lion, the 5 LP box set ( Mosiac MQ5-154 ), and 3 Compact disc set contain all the original material plus out takes and original photography by Francis Wolff.

Most likely both LP and CD are out of print as Mosiac reissues are very limited. Regardless, I would add them to your search list. This set is a must for Jimmy Smith fans.
Yes, yes, yes ...
Yea, Jimmy was my best friend when we were 3-6 years old. He and I had so........

Oh, you didn't mean that Jimmy.

I like Jimmy Smith too.
Jimmy Smith kicks ass. I've never had the opportunity to see him live but managed to see Dr. Lonnie Smith with Lou Donaldson a couple of weeks ago.