Anyone else here running Flying Moles?

I'm running some modified Flying Mole monoblocks with my Zu Druids and find them to be excellent, especially at their price point (~$400 each). I have modified them by bypassing the volume pot, installing better binding posts and RCA jacks, upgrading the input and output coupling caps (Black Gate N and Multicap, respectively), installing a HexFRED rectifier bridge, and replacing the standard silicon switching diodes with Cree SiC Shottky switching diodes. At 100 Watts each, they have more than enough power to blast rock at deafening levels, but also provide a very clean, smooth sound at lower volumes for acoustic guitar, violins, etc. They sounded pretty good stock, but the mods have definitely improved them further. Just wondering if anyone else is using these, as I haven't seen many posts about them anywhere.
Hello??? Does this mean I'm the only Flying Mole customer?
I have had interest in these amps and a local dealer told me that they sound great with Von Schweikert speakers, but I have never heard them. After hearing the terribly bad rotel digital amp, I'm almost afraid to listen to the Flying Moles.
In case you haven't seen any posts about the Flying Moles anywhere, here is a link to a review on these digital amps.

Never listened to them though but I believe they would sound pretty good. It's amazing to know of an amp that weighs just 1.5lbs but capable of driving difficult loads without running hot.
The best thing to me is that I got them for free as part of a promo deal along with the Druids. Since they were free I was not averse to tinkering with them (who am I kidding, I would have done it anyway!). The mods I made served to lower the already very low noise floor to practically zero (I can't hear anything on silent passages even though the Druids are 101dB efficient). Also, changing the input and output caps seemed to widen enhance both the treble (Black Gate input cap) and the bass (Multicap output cap). All in all, I'm delighted with them now. My next step is to go to a tube or hybrid preamp from the SS one I'm using now.
I believe the company is coming out with a new design for these amplifiers. Reason being, I've had several promotion emails from the American distributor of the flying moles.The remaining inventory is being sold at a discount.

I owned a pair of flying moles for about 10 minutes. They didn't work well with my speakers at that time. They did sound better with a friends speakers though. I'm sure the changing of the caps helped out tremendously. I did do the bypass on the volume control mod. I still had to let them go.

Good Listening