Anyone else heard the Quicksilver Triode Amps?

I hate to be the one to spill secrets, but has anyone else heard the Quicksilver Audio Triode monoblocks? My wife bought me a pair for my fast approaching 40th birthday, and we just can't stop laughing at how freaking incredible these things are. I can't tell you how many systems we've listened to, in high-end audio stores and in the homes of many generous and well audio-endowed audiophiles. We've taken quite a few products home for audition as well, and frankly, I'm just blown away. They are not even on the Quicksilver web site!

The Quickie Triodes are a 50W 6C33C powered triode that produce more body and palpability than I have ever heard. They make our CD player sound like we just upgraded it. I've certainly not heard everything on the market, that's for sure. However, I have heard some very pricey offerings from Lamm, Shindo, CJ, Audio Note, and others...and it's not even close. I know that sounds wacky, and maybe it is, but these things make the music sound downright edible. $5800/pr at retail, and they ought to be right there on the Quicksilver home page. Has anyone else heard them? Back to the music. Yikes!
They are a well kept secret. I have heard them several times(prototype) and they are probably the best amps Quicksilver has ever made.
Boa2, Great to hear your find with these amps. I felt the same when taking home a Manley Stingray and hearing the musicality, texture, and palpability I never heard in any other system I have owned, including some pricey seperates. Something about running Triode of about 25-50W/Ch. tubes that sounds so right. Enjoy!!
Honestly, the shortcomings of our Klipsch La Scala speakers are vastly 'corrected' by these amps. They fill the room with a layered, natural sound that is extraordinary. Even the bass is much tighter and has a thickness to it that I've never heard before, which is saying a lot for the La Scala's.

Thanks for the comments. Interesting that you have heard them, Tubeking. And Kehut, enjoy that Stingray. That is quite an amp!

I have owned them for a while, but they weren't what I was looking for. I thought that the midrange, upper-midrange was a bit on the aggressive side. Not as smooth and sweet as I had hoped for. I listened to them with Proac 2.5's and Quad 988's, using Cary 308 and Arcam CD23 CDP's. Also heard them in several other systems.
What are you using now that you like better? Just curious.
For the Quads, I'm using a pair of Cary SLM70's modified to run in triode. Each use 4 EL34's. They seem to convey both the subleties and delicies of a recording while also providing liquid midrange (in what I'd call a good way). The system is not complete, but bass will be handled thru an external Xover to subs and SS amps.

I also have a pair of EAR 509ii's - but I currently like the Cary's more. The EAR's are 20+ years old though, and could probably use a checkup.
Thanks for the response, Peter.

WOW maybe I have heard the Quicksilver TRIODES. I'm not sure...But what do I know about stereo systems anyway???
Maybe I will post pics of my system...but I am afraid that you will ALL laugh at what I have or what I theorize???
I am scared...will you all laugh???
Mike Klementovich
Co-Author Paul Wilbur Klipsch: The Life...The Legend.
Gosh...I am somwhat of a dummy but maybe i can help the less informed....
If any of you want the secret to the finest sound in the world or want pics of the worlds greatest audio system, let me know I think I can possibly help...but then maybe not???
Mike Klementovich.
Co-Author Paul Wilbur Klipsch:The Life..The Legend.
Just humor me...i am not to smart.
Look how dumb I am I cannot even spell somwhat.
How could you ever trust someone who cannot even spell somwhat.
Can anyone help me set up a system.
Cummon you guys...get serious...don't you want to see pics of my system???
Actually i am thinking about MAYBE flying some select people back east to PA and have them audition my room...the most incredible room in the world...Nothing even close my friends not even close... The secret is all SILVER my friends all silver the highest grade siler from Holland and then the configuration is next to reduce all constrictive resistance that is it my friends that is the secrect but the most important thing is making the marriage between equipment and that is where i come in...I am the AUDIO god..GUYS???????? Just ask...well neve mind he knows who I'm talking about????
SILVER NEVER SILVER NEVER The nuns are making me write these words until i can spellllll them corrrrrecyt
what the world needs is a good 500 watt or 1000 watt Solid State amp
Wow palpability!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man that is a giant word!!!!!!!!!!!
What does that mean???
No seriously here it goes...
Anyone want the answers to the Audio Kingdom???
Anyone want real answers to the following...
45 Push Pull
2A3 Push Pull
300B SET
300B Push Pull
211 SET
Klipsch LaScala's
Klipsch Belle's
Klipsch K-Horns
Rewiring the Klipsch with the highest grade silver internally...THE ONLY MOD YOU SHOULD MAKE
Replacing the worn out AA network with the BOB Critas identical AA network which includes the oil filled caps.
How about Tube Traps
How about room lens..better to stuff with fiberglass or fiberfill.
The best surfact to put the equipment on granite VS. wood.
What kind of granite what kind of wood.
How many strands of SILVER.
What tubes to use in your amps...the brand ...the year NOS VS. NEW STOCK.
Length of cable ...
Man lots of questions???
All of which I have the answer to because I am the AUDIO god.
What in the world does it matter what caps are in the TRIODES....
Nobody on this site would be able to understand the difference anyway.
You leave that decision up to the Mike Sanders.
Just sit down and listen to the music for god sake.
What tubes should one us in their TRIODES???
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I can make that TRIODE sound like mike and honey with just one specific change?????
How long should one let a TRIODE on until maximum effect is achieved???
What is the best IC to use to run to this pair of amps????
I know the answer to that one also???
What power cables should one us to make the TRIODES sing their greatest song???
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Are the TRIODES the greatest amps ever made???
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What is the sound difference between the 6C33C in SET and Push Pull. Ha HHaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
I have the total answer to that one also.
What has a better midrange of the all the SET amps in the world???
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What is the best sounding 45 tube in the world???
the Emission Labs
The T/J's Mesh Plate.
OR THE NOS Sylvania??????
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What is the best sounding 2A3 tube in the world???
the Emission Labs
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What is the best sound 300B tube on the market
The Emission Labs
The T/J
The WE's
The JJ's
The Svet's
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Are all 6c33C's created equal???
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What is the greatest sounding CD player of all D/A....Best IC's to go with different players...Best Digital Cable on the market....
Best digital cable on the market may suprise you totally.
This is a no brainer...and I do have the answer to that one as I have heard zillions of them and spent a great deal of time evaluating the various brands on different D/A's
Did you know that there are specific IC's that work better with certain CD players and D/A's???
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Do you know that i live about 90 minutes from Manhattan NYC and I have auditioned every audio system that matters???
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If you are a lover of female vocals or male vocals what should your choice be in amps???
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If one was to purchase a pair of 300B amps what would be be the best choice???
Border Patrol???
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Is the 45 tube better utilized in a push pull configuration or SET configuration???
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IS there much difference????
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What 300B tube will give you the best control down in the basement???
Is that an issue with the 300B's
Is flabby bass an issue????
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Will the brand of tube control that loose sensation if there really is a loose sensation.
Or is loose bass a fantasy created in the minds of audio mag writers who probably never heard one anyway???
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Do Sowter transformers really matter when used in PP configurations or do off the shelf Magnaquest sound just as good or better????
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what are the best sound mid drivers in a Klipsch Belle Scala or K-Horn???
How about those tweets??????????
Is their a difference between be the AA AK AK-1 AK-2 AK-3 or AK 4...Which is the best sounding????
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Does it make a difference which crossover a person selects
in their Scala Belle or K-Horn when using the TRIODE???
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So what is the best sounding amps preamps and IC's and Speaker cable to use when setting up the system with the greatest speakers in the world????
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Gotta go listen see you all later.
Got some people coming from half way around the world to listen.
Check out the NEW tube gloves...Belgian Audiophile Society pics.
Hey Audiogon, aren't you supposed to monitor the forums?
All thought provoking and legitimate questions when all total will make a better listening experience
Ohhh almost forgot the biggie question what is the best preamp to use with the triode???
Yes i do have the answer to that one also if you want to know just ask.
I am here to help
WOW one more question...Does one ever need a sub woofer with a Belle LaScala or K-Horn???
Well if you need one you are doing something wrong!!!!
The biggest problem is theat the sub will never respond fast enough to keep up with the lighting fast mids and highs of a horn loaded loudspeaker. Why do you think the Advantgarde went to horn loaded subs...because the regular subs they use are way behind the music produced by the mids and tweets.
It is like listening to 2 differet speakers in one room TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!
I take it that the current QS Triode with KT88 is a completely different amp on the triode amp discussed here has been discontinued.
Yes, it is a different amp. I have the 6C33C triode amps w/ NOS tubes (and they are terrific). I have not heard the KT88's, but I presume that they are a bit less "sweet" sounding. They work great with your speakers.
Aronsss, I assume you mean the 6C33Cs work great with the Merlins, you are no commenting the KT88s - is that right. I'm suprised that Mike took the 6C33Cs off the market so fast and cam out with the KT88s - I see the price is also about $2000 less -- hmmm.
Does anyone have any insight into why the Quicksilver may have pulled the 6C33C triode model off the market?
I have owned a pair of Quicksilver Triodes for about a year now and am very impressed. Lots of punch, lots of inner detail, but I agree with Peter S, they are a bit on the bright side right out of the box. YOU MUST REPLACE THE FACTORY TUBES WITH VINTAGE MULLARDS!!! I replaced the 6C33Cs with NOS early '70s Svetlanas and noticed a small difference, but the huge change was in changing the single 12AX7 and 12BH7 to the '60s Mullards (the 12AX7 especially). The improvement was dramatic. Still has the inner detail, still has the clean & extended midrange & detailed treble, but with more bass punch, more of a rich warm sound, no more brightness. I have concluded that the tubes installed at the factory were a cost consideration and an availability consideration; not a sonic one. This tube swap costs less than $100 and makes these amps really sing; I have heard nothing in the $15,000 and under range that compare. By the way, if you are using a Quicksilver preamp, it also also will benefit incredibly from vintage Mullards (warmer sound) or vintage Telefunkens (more forward sound).
ps. Mike Sanders only made 50 pairs of the Triodes so hang onto those sweethearts!