Anyone else have Redgum? What do you think? RGi120

I recently purchased a Redgum RGi120s integrated amplifier. I don't see much about the in magazines or the usual suspects of online sites. I am extremely happy with this amplifier, but would like tthe opinion of other Redgum owners.
Rest of my system: Soliloquy 6.3, Arcam Alpha 8 CD, Acoustic Zen Matrix ic, Kimber Kable 4TC biwired, Cardas Caps, Vibrapods @ amp, isol pads @ CD, Blue Circle Noise Hound, Brooklyn Audio power cord @ amp
For a second there I thought you said REDRUM I was ready to pack my bags and get the heck out of town.
Redgum spelled backward is Mugder.

..........As in you "mugder" to pay for this equipment?

As Glen says, glad this thing was not named Redrum.
Redgum gear has been reviewed favourably in andrew marshalls' audio ideas and soundstage....I haven't heard the gear myself but if you enjoy the sound that's the important thing. Seasons' greetings, enjoy, bluenose