anyone else hate locking RCAs?

I find that whenever I tighten a locking RCA connector even a little bit, it becomes a battle (and one that I fear will result in casulties -- the rca connectors, the cable, the rca inptus). Lately, I find myself unwilling to tighten them at all. And then the barrels are always falling off and getting lost. Just give me a nice regular connector any day.
I agree with you,total overkill,hate them.
Well, I don't use these locking (WBS for example) RCAs anymore. I replaced all with Eichmann Plugs. Super connection.
Couldn't agree more, the nexgen are a real PITA, 1 quarter turn and the barrel falls off!
I agree too, though some brands are better than others. I have some that work fine. The other problem is they are all too bulky - even the ones that lock/unlock with ease. On a crowded preamp back panel this is another challenge when swapping gear.
My DH Labs (Revelation) work great!
I have no problem with the Transparent or the MIT's I've tried. Maybe you're tightening them too much? They only require a very slight pressure to lock, and a minimal turn to unlock.
I dislike RCAs and friction-fit connectors, in general. That is why I use balanced XLRs as much as possible. Clicks in positively. Push release and pull out. EZ.

Agree with Jtwrace, the locking RCA's on the DH Labs Air Matrix work extremely well.
I dislike locking RCAs for the reasons previously mentioned.

My favorite RCA connector is Eichmann. Excellent grip. Easy to install an remove.
I agree with Kal that XLRs are the way to go. I use them whenever there is the option to do so. The superior connector IMHO.
I agree, they are a real pain. Bdgregory has the good point that even when they do work as intended , getting them off from a crowded Preamp is a real stuggle.
One question for those who like the Eichmann bullets. Do you have any issues w the single pin grounding arrangement? APL warns that there could be problems using those w the WBT Nextgen RCA jacks.
APL warns that there could be problems using those w
the WBT Nextgen RCA jacks.
Swampwalker (System | Threads | Answers)

There's really no problem. This warning created a fire for no reason.

Here's the issue...

The WBT Nextgen jacks have metal contact on only a portion of the outside
barrel. Since the Eichmann bullets have only the small metal contact point on
their barrels, the end user needs to be certain the contact point of the
Eichmann connector makes contact with the Nextgen's contact point.

I've randomly installed and uninstalled Eichmann RCAs plugs onto Nextgen
RCA connectors many, many times, and I've had contact issues fewer than
1/10 times. The fix is simply to rotate the Eichmann bullet until contact is
I agree. Locking RCA plug is a pain to use in tight space. Some how, I always tune them in the wrong direction.
I like them for several reasons. Some female RCA's vary in size and invariably, one of them is small and the male fits loose. Thus, the locking RCA can be a way to ensure the fit is consistent. They are a pain at times, but they can work. I prefer XLR connectors if given the choice.
Yes, I'm in agreement with the XLR crowd. Even if you don't realize any sonic benefits with balanced connections (with my equipment I definitely do), the connectors alone make them wortwhile IMHO. Unfortunately, they are not an option for all components.

It's interesting that the folks really like the connectors on the DHLabs Air Matrix. Those are the ones that give me the most problems, especially in the tight space of multi-channel analog input, as many have already metioned. They are nice cables, but the connectors are a huge issue for me.
I`m not too crazy about the locking rca`s either and this coming from a guy who uses Kimber Select. They are a pita if the preamp is crowded and one wants to change a cable or piece of equipment. I much preferred the connectors on the Cardas cables but then sometimes they would become loose. I`ve never had a problem with a loose connection using the WBT`s/NextGen. I agree with Ncarv. The trick is never get them too tight just enough to make a good connection and before inserting make sure you know which way to lock and unlock the cable. I much prefer the balanced connection.
Jallen makes a good point, especially for those of us who like vintage equipment. Some of the RCA (both male and female) do vary in size and locking contacts help very much.
If you look closely at the leading edge of an Eichmann Bullet collar,
there is a very small dot which must be at the 12 o'clock position to make electrical contact to the WBT NextGen RCA jacks (eg. NuForce amps)

My digital cable has a pair of locking WBT Platinum RCA's that work excellent, no problems, so as all else in life, your mileage may vary.