Anyone else had a reliability problem with Chord Electronics equipment?

After only eight years of low usage both my Chord Blu and Chord Symphonic have suddenly failed at the same time. The Blu now needs a new Diskaud PSB for the CD transport and the Symphonic now needs a new PSU. I have heard of Naim equipment lasting over 30 years without problem and my other equipment from Marantz, Theta, Creek, Sony, Pioneer & Yamaha have all lasted well over eight years despite being far older than my Chords!
I had a CHORD DAC64 fail me with it’s PSU. Had it replaced. Think it could have been a power surge. Probably because it's a switching PSU.
Typo error - fault with Chord Blu is PCB (not PSB) Diskaud i.e. Printed Circuit Board. Fault with Symphonic is PSU i.e. Power Supply Unit.
No problem so far with my DAC Chord QBD 76 - touch wood & all fingers crossed!!