Anyone else gotten SPAM pop ups the last couple of days?

Curious as they seem to have shown up constantly the last couple of days on my iPad only when on the Agon Topics area. Seems not to be happening today. 
I got an Audio Research pop-up the other day.
Yes!   I also experienced Spam popups on Audiogon’s forums on Thursday and immediately reported them to Audiogon Customer Support.  I am using an iPhone.

After each spam popup, I removed the apps from memory and cleared my Safari history and web data.   I also went to settings, Safari and paged down to Advanced and deleted my Website data.  

Audiogon customer support is reviewing the issue.     

Yes. Happened today on my iPad with safari, but not duck, duck go.
Yes,  all the time on my iPad! 
My ipad as well. I'm really sick of it.
It happens on android too, and they are usually scam sites. Last time I reported anything to A'gon they wanted me to change my PC so I would use the same browser they do.
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Yup me too on Android through gmail on the daily recap. It literally just happened I won a prize!!!!! Lol happened again when I edited my misspelling
My only pop-up experience was with Audio Research - obviously not typical spam.
Yep. Lots. And it gets old real fast. I think somebody needs to find a new ad service that's less aggressive. 
Spam - don’t knock it till you’ve fried it! 
So annoying- iPad issues for me too. Have cleared all data in chrome and still happening.

Yes and it's happening more frequently.  Kicks me out of Agon everytime. 
Yes, I agree these Spam popups are happening more frequently.  

I emailed 2 Popup examples (including images of the popup) to Audiogon customer support for their Developers to review.  Unfortunately, my suggestions above to clear Safari history, web site data and advanced web data has zero impact on this popup issue.  
I continue to get Spam on my iPad when using Safari.  I shut the program down, Clear the cache, and reboot the computer.  The spam immediately returns.  Safari is currently useless on this web site.

I switched to DuckDuckGo app.  So far I have not had any Spam issues using this app.
So Audiogon, it seems many of us have already done the usual assortment of things in an attempt to get this to go away. It doesn’t work. You have any ideas on your side?

Oh, BTW, at least in my case it only seems to happen on my iPad, not my iPhone, and only in the forums - not on the main site. 
So here is an update for you guys.
We have been aware of this problem from day one.
Thanks to all of you that have reported it.
As of today, we think we have it under control but may not know for a week or two. Please continue to report any spam to [email protected], attention: Tammy. Fingers crossed we have figured out the problem this time and fixed it. Really appreciate everyone that had to put up with this.  
+9 thanks, so far no popups been on about 20 min. That's a record for me so far in the last few weeks.