Anyone else feel like they are “transported” INTO the music

Beautiful sound stage on my system. After just a few moments of listening I feel myself “transported” into the music and can “walk” among the voices, instruments, etc regardless of what I am listening to, aside from mono tracks. Front, back, side to side. A bit daydreamy. Love the sensation. No weed or alcohol involved! Am I completely nuts or do others get this feeling?


Yep, that is the destination. Took me 45 years of research and investment… but I am there also. I get lost in the music.

Yes, more like sucked into it....totally get drawn in and lost in the music.  That's what its all about for sure 


When it's really good, I feel like the music is transported into me. When I heard Ry Cooder play his little guitar solo in John Hiatt's "Lipstick Sunset" live with Little Village, time ceased to exist. I had a cosmic out-of-body experience, as high as I've ever gotten from music.

The same happened when I heard J.S. Bach's Concerto for Four Harpsichords (BWV 1065) performed by Trevor Pinnock conducting The English Concert (whilst playing harpsichord!).

I’m not a big fan of Bach Harpsichord Concertos for more than 2 Harpsichords.

It is too difficult to distinguish the keyboards.  That same work exists in arrangements for multiple instruments and I find that much more satisfying.

  I get “lost” in the music listening to DSD recordings of Chamber Music, which is the only time that I have really felt that the musicians may actually be live in front of me.  Otherwise I am always conscious that as good as recording gets, it isn’t equal to the experience of live acoustic musicians performing in a real space

@ghdprentice Yep, that is the destination. Took me 45 years of research and investment… but I am there also. I get lost in the music.


Well I guess I don’t feel as bad having read this, trying 45 years for me too - this year. Only in the past 1-2 years have I been able to truly start to hear 3D vuloptious (sound coming from the sides, and slightly from the rear) with a 2-channel mono block - all tube system. Gotta be fully warmed up of course. My other Class-A 50w SS amp setup comes kinda close, but not the same as tweaked up tube pre/monoblock amps imo.

However, getting there without going overboard on spend has been my series of hurdles. Was not sure if it was even possible. Probably reached a peak of the best I’ll do. Its been a fun adventure. Recently started getting back to being "lost in the music". A good place to be at this juncture of life.

Sure! Happens with speakers and happens with headphones if the source material sounds right. 

Thanks all for the interesting comments and suggestions—made me listen to some new music. Loved the concerto for 4 harpsichords—the 4 are nicely spaced across the sound stage and really fun to hear the weaving amongst them. Agree some of the most gorgeous separations of instruments is in acoustic chamber music settings. Also great with any quality jazz recordings like pretty much anything with Diana Krall—esp singing with bass and guitar on Love Scenes, and harmonies on Wallflower tracks. Newer stuff like Yoyo Ma et al Not Our First Goat Rodeo fantastic. But older stuff like Peter Paul and Mary Don’t Think Twice great, with Peter and Paul guitars leftish and rightish, their lvoices right and left and Mary’s smack in the middle are lovely—you can really hear the detail in the harmonies. And fun to separate voices in close harmonies like The Judds or Girlyman (eg, St. Peter’s Bones) tracks. Took me a while to get my speakers and sub spacing just right—speaker fronts about three feet from back wall, about 9 feet apart, listening chair a little more than equilateral triangle away. Small changes in chair distance can tighten up or separate music elements to my liking. I have a wide screen TV in the middle I cover with a heavy quilt for serious listening—much better midrange clarity. Thanks for your thoughts and letting me share some of my guilty pleasures. 

And teah, that Ry Cooder solo is haunting and resonant just to the left of John Hiatt vocal in Lipstick Sunset. Thanks. Love the gift of music unheard. 

After many years (i,m 74), I have simply settled on ’Involving’. Entire system; individual piece, proper engineering, great recording skills .... the equipment disappears.

Transported by system (and content): yes

You cannot be transported by a single piece of equipment, but you can find it more involving than that

For those who---like I---love counterpoint, the Bach Concerto For Four Harpsichords is the most intense and insane example of it you will ever hear. Yes, keeping the four strands of musical lines separate is work, but it's a labour of love (no reference to Nick Lowe ;-) .

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I get transported by music that resonates to me. I don't get transported by anything Bach. Sorry.

You inspired me to transport myself over to my player and spin a well recorded favorite.

If you're not familiar with "Jazz At The Pawnshop," you'll be transported to an intimate nightclub setting with some very talented musicians. Enjoy!

It started for me when I added a subwoofer array (4 subs). I got lucky with my room design as well. There's a 'cut out' area (meant for a large TV- 30" deep), that helps the sound stage go 'back' further than it normally would.


It sometimes shocks me when I hear something almost behind me and to either side.

Every time I drop the needle or que up a play list on my Zenith. I escape from the pressures of work and go to another place, with out the aid of modern chemistry or fermented fruits and grains. 


One thing I’ve had happen live that I’ve never had happen with a sound system is the music taking over and transforming the space - at least in my mind. I went to see Isaac Stern at our local Hult Center for the Performing Arts. It was just him and a pianist playing duet. He and the pianist came on stage, talked a bit about the works they were going to play, did a little tuning, and then started in to it. With the first few notes, I could almost see something settling down in the concert hall, a magical atmosphere. It really shocked me! The concert hall was transformed in a matter of seconds, felt like I was in a different place and time.

Something similar happened when I was in middle school. A quartet from a University stopped by our school and performed for us in orchestra class. The effect was almost too much for me. I was overwhelmed with emotion, literally trembling by the time it was over. I was trying to hold it together, embarrassed that tears might start flowing in front of my classmates. I recall they played something by Dvorak.

Yes, every time I listen to my system. But weed helps, Lol.

Of course, I don't use my magic hookah every time I listen, but it tends to accentuate the effect for certain.

I often refer to it as "falling into the music".  The phrase just seems to work for me.  But either way, yes, definitely transports the mind and spirit to a level that is euphoric.  



Any time I close my eyes and I start tapping my  toe or I start seeing the people in the orchestra playing their instruments.

That’s what it’s all about!

Happens to me on a pretty constant basis. Not every listening session, but quite often. And even the listening sessions where it doesn't happen, are still extremely rewarding. 

The vast majority of the music I listen to*, is not conducive to casual listening, or as background music, or while I am multitasking. So. almost all of my listening (unless I am researching new music online) is active listening. 

*due to its high levels of complexity, instrumental interplay, sophisticated arrangements, atonality, long form pieces/songs, emotional and/or intellectual content. 

It happens to me all the time. It's the reason why I fire the system up and put something on. Though I'm mostly transported via Classical music, bands like the Byrds and the Ramones will transport me to their universes, as well. It's what makes music the powerful force that it is.

+1 on "Jazz At The Pawnshop"

If you get a pair of headphones with great soundstage, you can hear precisely where everything is.  Loved the clinking of glasses and the audience interaction.  With my HD820 I can almost see the vibraphone.