Anyone else familiar with Tommy Guerrero?

I recently discovered this artist while listening to They had him in my Galactic radio station rotation. I guess that is as good of place as any, but I could also see him fitting in with some Lounge, Electronica or even Latin music genres.

Tommy Guerrero came to some level of fame as a San Francisco skateboarding guru in the late 80's and 90's. However, to me it's his music that sets him apart. Tommy's sound is best described as some form of fusion between California surf music and Latin jazz. I could easily see Guerrero composing movie soundtracks with the same level of distinction as somebody like David Holmes (Ocean's movies and Analyze That). Guerrero plays an extremely competent guitar with a sound that crosses right through my wheelhouse. He also puts together some of the most groovaliscious compositions I've ever heard. The majority of his music is instrumental, but he does include a variety of vocals, which keeps his albums refreshing and never dull.

I'm actually disappointed in myself I haven't heard of this guy sooner, because his body of music is so consistently remarkable. I now have four of his CD's and I plan to buy everything he's published, because it's that good. If you haven't heard Tommy Guerrero you owe it to yourself to check him out.
Sounds like you would like Ray Barbee, check him out...

Another band you may like is The Freddy Jones Band. And there is no one in the group named Freddy Jones [smile].

Go to and check out a TON of free, legal, downloadable music:

A friend has the album Soul Food Taqueria from tommy guerrero, is great for setting a positive mood to anyone.
That's great! My first "Real" skateboard back in the day was a Tommy Guerrero "Flaming Sword." I actually found the exact board online (N.O.S.) a few years back and bought it to hang on my wall... I will have to check out his music now...
He has some really good tracks, I would say they definitely fall into the category of Downtempo. has a few of his albums as WAV downloads.