anyone else experience this problem?

I have a 1 month old VPI Classic turntable and whenever I turn it on I hear a grinding noise. Speed is stable and there is no noise once the platter is moving.
that can't be right.
What do you mean by "This can't be right"?
When you turn it on: is it before the platter is up to speed and stops as soon as it is speed stable?
Then "IF" you 'help' the platter: that is: start the platter spinning with your hand, just before turning on motor. Does it make noise then?
Underdog...check out this thread:

Go to page 2 and read the entries from Nolitan. He mentions two issues when he got the Classic: 1) he needed to give the platter a push to help it get up to speed and 2) he heard a squeeky sound on start-up. I don't know if it's similar to what you are hearing but you may want to send him an email because I believe the fix was to get a new motor. Other threads have mentioned a "popping" sound from the motor when you first start it up. It sounds like there is a break-in period to the motor until it settles in. This may still not be what is causing your "grinding" sound but just a thought. Finally, have you tried calling VPI or your dealer and asked them about this?
Problems that surface early in a VPI purchases are best taken care of by returning the unit to the dealer and having it completely replaced, at no cost to you. Otherwise, your sanity of this defective unit will be with you forever.
I have the same "problem" with my Linn LP12. I was told that even though the speed is dead on, the belt is approaching the end of its useful life. Until I replace the belt, I have been doing what Elizabeth suggested above. In doing so, the noise is diminished significantly while the platter gets up to speed, after which there is no noise that I can hear.
Underdog, I can't imagine VPI designing a table that would knowingly make a grinding noise like that. It is somehow defective and should be returned as noted by the other posters. Good luck.