Anyone else building or using oris horns?

Just wanted to see if any other members are using or building there own oris horn projects ,Iam on my 3rd oris system ,changed from avantgarde duo 2.2s and martinlogans ,to the oris horns ,hard to believe they sound so good {thought I might have a bias:} but all my audio friends seem to like them[ they usualy hate everthing] .using dual 150 horns with fostex fe208 drivers and t90 tweeters with hovland cap. and transformer pentometer also dual woofer towers with fostex 16in woofers, great bass integration[unlike other horns and $ speakers Ive heard] ,woofers are 97db ,horns 103+ db at 1 watt.using push pull 300b amp ,tube preamp ,diferant outboard crossovers and woofer amps .tara air 1 cables,and the 2s. sony 777es,more .just looking for some feedback .thxs for your time
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Hi, I am building a pair of Oris 150's right now. I have purchased Lowther DX4's new with the new style rolled edge (actualy folded) whizzer. I purchased them used but the paint job and the preperation work of the original owner was terrible. The paint paint peeled of easily in large sheets. He had useda DX-3 driver and said the sound was awsome. He did not used primer which should be made for flexiable plastic car bumpers so it will bond well with the plastic that the horns are made from. I am painting them myself and the finial color will be black with a flip/flop violet pearl color. It is neat as from one angle it is black and other a light purplish hue that comes and goes from the angle it is veiwed from. Bert at his forum page and through direct e-mail has been very helpfull. He is the actual designer ( B-D designs).Believe me he is super and will answer any question you have.His web site is linkable from the Welbornelabs website. Ron at Welborne Labs has not been very easy or helpful to deal with. Maybe if you bought everything from him it would be different. Also I have been exchangeing e-mails with someone who recently finished thier 150's also with a DX4 driver and totaly loves them. I have not heard anyone that has heard a set say anything bad at all about the Oris 150's.Part fit and quality seem very good. Well goodluck and enjoy! Merry X-Mass, Tone R.