Anyone driving maggies with ARC VS110/VS115?

Or even the VT100XX

I own the 1.6s and am not parting with them...(I tried it once and came running back). I am now running them pretty successfully with a really nice high power solid state integrated 250/400W (high current)...but am considering getting back into tubes. I heard the vsi60 and was blown away...but know that will not be enough power.

No matter what anyone experience shows maggies need power to be at their best. I do not listen to music at headbanging volumes... but dynamics eat power.

Just want to see If anyone's driven maggies with this class of ARC amps...and was it enough in your opinion?

I know there are other tube amps out there...just want to start with arc stuff because I know I like it.
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I drove 1.6's with VTL St-80 Plenty of power. Really enjoyed that combo. They even sounded really good with amp in triode mode which is only 40w per channel. When you say the vsi60 won't work I assume you havn't tried it. I am sure you will get answers here from no way to glorious. That is why you must try it for yourself
Thank you Ahendler appreciate your thoughts/experience. Re. the are correct, I haven't tried it yet. However, if things go as planned, Im going to tonight. My friend's bringing his over (very nice of him, I would be too anal to do that with mine ; )

I dearly hope I'm wrong about the VSI60 because it has all I need/want. But actual experience tells me it won't be enough. I had the vs55 (which is rated the same/and is architecturally almost the same amp. The vs55 seemed to run out of gas even with my high efficiency legacy's. lacking in peak volume, that was was the dynamics...especially on complex music.
By the way....anyone else that has driven the 1.6s with other similarly powered tube gear is welcomed to respond....although probably not apples to apples, would still be interested.