anyone done Pathos Logos with Zu Druid MkIV?

I currently run a Rogue Tempest 2 with my Zu's but I have had some repair issues (which Rogue always takes care of). I am looking for something hybrid so I can leave it on longer and avoid tube costs. I tend toward the warm more forgiving side of electronics rather than uber-exact - hence the druid but prefer speedy bass and fleshy tone. I also listen to every kind of music but often listen at night so detail and jump factor at low volumes preferred. Thanks.
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I got a Pathos Logos and used it with JMR Orfeos and BW 802D and the Pathos can produced very detailed sound, it will also reveal the deep bass strengths of the loudspeakers
Thank you for the response. It does not look like a lot of people have made this pairing so I will take all feedback I can get. Would you say the Pathos gear leans warm / tubey or more to the exact solid state sound?
The Pathos has a only a very light tendency to tube warmth sound, it definitely does not sound as a full tube amp