Anyone done a DIY PWX upgrade to Lehmann BC?

Have the 2nd gen Black Cube w/separate power supply (not wall wart but not SE, either). It is the lower voltage power supply in a plastic case. Would like to upgrade to the PWX. I think this entails cutting the umbilical between power supply and Black Cube; soldering a 4 pole Neutrik plug to the cut end. The Neutrik would then connect the old BC to the new PWX. Not sure how to wire the plug but think I can do the soldering. Any one with experience?
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did upgrade my older Lehmann for a lastest version SE and it was not for the will make the stage more dynamic, and faster but that brings nothing to the music...Is will sound harsh and the piano harmonics and overtone will seem a bit out of tune and overall not musical at I sold it
Gary- appreciate the response. Wondering how you ever found my year old post! Never actually did anything to the Lehman. Instead, bought a Heed Quasar phono pre.