Anyone done a DIY PC with Neotech NEP-3001 wire?

Thinking about building a DIY PC with Neotech NEP-3001 wire from VHAudio just for kicks. Also thinking about Oyaide P-004 & C-004. Anyone built one? Your thoughts? Thanks!
I built 3 of these. 2 for my powered subs and 1 for an amp. The wire is huge but fairly easy to work with. I used Furutech gold plugs without any issues. They sound Great. Alot better extension and bass slam like I have never had! The wires are stiff but they bend and stay. I am going to replace all PC'S with these and eventually all cables will be Neotech.
I ended up building 2 w/NEP-3001, 1 for amp and 1 for for power strip. Also used Furutech terminations. Only problem as you mentioned is dealing with the heavy gauge of the wire and fitting into the plugs.
Also built 2 w/NEP-3002 for DAC and transport.
I have found these cables to be very smooooth, on the amp maybe a little too much. Maybe because they are so well shielded. I'm actually thinking of stripping the shielding from the power cable to see what happens.
Do you know of similar cable that is unshielded?
I am in the same boat. I want to build a pc for my DAC and was thinking of the NEP-3002 or the Tunami, both being Ohno type copper wires. From various comments I have heard the Neotech can be very smooth with black background. What Furutech ends did you use? I think the consensus is that gold plated terminations may be a touch warm (if you use them). Amps usually need unshielded cables. I am using a MAC-HC pc for my amp with great results (unshielded) but want to try to build my own pc for the DAC as a project.

Please let us know how your cables sound after some burn in time.
I'm very happy with the PCs which I've been using for about a year now. I would recommend them for front end components but as I mentioned may be too smooth for some amps.

The terminations are Furutech FI-11 series.
I used Furutech FI25g ends. I would love to give you feedback but as soon as I got everything setup to include new speakers I had to return to Iraq so when I gt home they will be fully broken in. I will say there was a huge difference from stock PC cord to these. I used them on existing subs until my new ones were delivered. Tighter bass and lower it seems but that could have been from it being much tighter?
I say go for it.. Also try SOOW 14 AWG and $3.00 grounded plug from HomeDP and an any IEC you can get you hands on. Total cost $15.00 or less. You might just be suprised how good it sounds. Remeber..2 BUCK-CHUCK's can be real winners!