Anyone do mods to the Energy C8 speakers.

I have the Energy C8 speakers. I use these for home Theater. They are definitely one of the best speakers for the money. They use 2 8 inch woofers and the tweeter. They also use a gorgeous black gloss cabinet. I think the 8 inch woofers are really good. They sound very articulate. The tweeter is the weakness. Its an alluminun tweeter. I would love to replace this tweeter and use a better tweeter. Ofcourse then you would have to change the crossover. Anyone have any idea's.
there are felt rings that stick to the baffle of speaker fronts to tame the brightness from some tweeters...another thought is your amp/receiver or speaker wire. a change of wire may do the trick.
I agree with jrd try using a cable that has no silver in it. Also you may be able to find a tweeter that has the same load ratings as the C8 and therefor the crossover would be the same
I would NOT fool around with trying to swap out tweeters.. I have tried this with some old 70's speakers with poor integration/timbre/voicing of the sound on the whole type results. Much better idea to audition different cables, cardas for example.