Anyone considering not buying Chinese products anymore?

I’ve been giving this some thought lately due to the current situation.  I’m not real knowledgable about this sort of thing but I feel like we, along with other countries, have helped make China very powerful with regards to their economy and military, which is a scary situation.  I’m starting to think it would be wise of us to not to support China, simply for our own well being.  This would mean not buying any audio products made in China.  Im not even sure its possible to completely quit buying products made in China because so much of what we use is made there but is it smart to cut back where we can and start supporting small business’ in America?  There’s plenty of excellent equipment made here...
Well if there is anything good about this pandemic it shows what happens when science, facts, and experts are ignored and decisions are made by politically motivated know-it-alls for personal gain.

God works in strange ways. Maybe this pandemic is his way of giving us a clue not to discount the facts and risk the consequences before it is too late
I agree Map, God has it under control!
Let's hope.  LEt's also hope that we as a whole  are truly in tune.
Comment is free, facts are sacred. 
C P Scott

...some here (to be in tune) maybe need a few more tweaks (HA)