Anyone considering not buying Chinese products anymore?

I’ve been giving this some thought lately due to the current situation.  I’m not real knowledgable about this sort of thing but I feel like we, along with other countries, have helped make China very powerful with regards to their economy and military, which is a scary situation.  I’m starting to think it would be wise of us to not to support China, simply for our own well being.  This would mean not buying any audio products made in China.  Im not even sure its possible to completely quit buying products made in China because so much of what we use is made there but is it smart to cut back where we can and start supporting small business’ in America?  There’s plenty of excellent equipment made here...
There is gaining speculation that this virus is an unleashed bio-weapon. But WHO exactly is behind it?
This whole ugly thing could have been avoided if everybody watched Prometheus. Once the alien virus gets inside a crew member you NEVER let him back on the spacecraft. That’s Rule no. 1. Otherwise, you know, everyone DIES. Duh! That’s why they keep a flamethrower on board. What are all those suits watching on TV these days, reruns of Life with Father?
Yes, I think you might be right. WHO World Health Organization is behind it. Makes perfect sense! 
Anyone with a Chinese computer and router should not be posting comments.

That's probably what...95% here?
If you look at the science, as opposed to the scientists (who being human may have their own agenda), you will note three segments within the genome are exact carbon copies of other virus strains. While this does not rule out natural causes, its about as likely natural as throwing a bucket into the sun and watching it freeze instead of boil. Both are about equally mathematically possible. So draw your own conclusions. 

But also at the same time if you look at the science the fact this was human engineered does not necessarily mean it was unleashed, and especially not if by unleashed you mean on purpose. China has a long history of accidental release. If you follow the story, this particular virus was stolen from the BSL4 lab in Canada. This is just a fact, they were caught in shipment. So its not like they are big on professional protocol over there. 

People would know all this stuff if it weren't for the fact journalism is so dead that 99% of news is the same fake narratives repeated virtually verbatim 24/7 by thousands of talking heads who seem to be on different channels and formats but are in reality all controlled by the same few corporations.