Anyone connect their iPod to a Berning Micro-Zolt?

Just wondering. I have a Berning ZH270 which I guess I could purchase the Monster iCable and see how it sounds, but I'm more interested in connecting the iPod to a headphone amp and seeing how "that" sounds. The Micro-Zolt has a headphone output and I thought it might be interesting to listen to my iPod connected to an OTL or push/pull amp. Has anyone played with this?

I have connected my ipod to my asteics pre and it sound grate. I wound up getting a cardis cable instead of the monister cable (I have the monster if you are intrested in buying it) Fot the price it is not bad. As far as how it sounds it depends on the incoding the fidelity out of the ipod is quite good for what it is. A headphone amp works really well I had a gilmore 2 with sony cd3000 it sounede grate. Will the ipod compare to cd, no but it is good for what it is.

I'm in the process of building some Lowther enclosures, and once I got far enough in the build process, I just had to hear them. So I dug out one of those portable battery booster (battery and a 110v charger all in one package), my 4th Gen iPod, my MicroZotl, and fired all this up. Lowthers powered completely from batteries.

I was using a cheap mini-RCA cable, some CAT5 cable to connect the speakers and was listening to it in a garage and it was amazing. I'm sure with proper cabling and a better room, things could only get better. Clear, crisp, competes with my Senn HD650's for clarity. WOW.

Once these enclosures are done, I'll pick up a dock with a remote for my iPod, run it through my MicroZotl, and that will be my bedroom system.

Now I've haven't run my iPod through my MicroZotl to my 650's yet, but..... I can only imagine.

Hope my ramblings help