Anyone compared Weiss Medea/Janson to EMM?

Anyone compared Weiss Medea DAC with the new Janson transport to the EMM DCC2/CDSD combo ?
I certainly heard the Weiss combination at CES. The previous year they were using Lamm amps; I think that was the case this year too, but it's slipped my mind. They had a bigger room this year and I seem to remember Wilson Maxx speakers. If you were there perhaps you can remind me what was in that room.

The transport (shown in prototype form at CES2003 but it's a released product now) and DAC are chock full of interesting engineering ideas, particularly with the word clock from the DAC synchronizing the transport. Lots of really powerful upsampling and slightly over-the-top craftsmanship reflected in a stratospheric price (cheaper than a Zanden pair though).

I had a long listen to a range of CDs and the sound was brilliant. I was itching to hear that extra frisson that SACD brings to the table - as it would with a Meitner setup. But, as you know, Weiss don't do that.

The Weiss pair is a significant product, superbly made with first class sound. It didn't light me up in the same way the Meitner does, but it's a fine line. Big money though - you'd have to hear them side by side to be sure. And if you owned any SACDs your choice is made. I love the Weiss but they are far out of my price range. There would be a lot of owner satisfaction owning that pair.

If I was strictly Redbook, I think I'd look very hard at the Reimyo though. That one really grabbed me.

Take a look at this thread....we will post our opinions after the comparison...if you are near NYC, send me an email....
A key difference is with Meitner u can play SACDs...and if you use the CDSD and connect via proprietary optical link PCM data is converted into DSD as well. Wess Media: I have not personally auditioned it but SACD capability is not something it offers. Your call.