Anyone compared VH Audio power cords?

I read good reviews on about these power cords. Has anyone listened to them and compared them to some big shots, such as PS Audio or Shunyata power cords?
FWIW, I have the Flavor 2. In the past or present, I have had TG Audio HSRi & SLVR, Eichmann Xpress, MIT Z-Cord II, Shunyata Sidewinder, Bybee prototype, Harmonic Tech, and a few other DIY or Audiogon Biz cables.

I think the VH is agreat deal for cheap $; it was on par or better in my systems over time than the sub-$300 cords I've had, save for the Eichmann. Depending on the application, the TG Audio HSRi was better or about the same (though the TG does incredible bass).

The TG SLVR, Bybee, and Eichmann were better than most else I've heard in the price ranges up to, say, $1k (but caveat: I haven't listened to a LOT in that range).

I used the VH cord, along with an Aural Thrills "Silver Big One" cord, in my second system, and they gel'd REAL well in that system. VH did digital source, AT did the integrated amp. And music was great.

I'd say, if you can go to $250-$275, try the Eichmann, it did wonders on my mod'd Sony and Pioneer players. It didn't do as well as TG SLVR and Bybee on power or integrateed amps, though.

But if you want a VERY respectable low cost cable for the front end equip, I heartily recommend them (and Aural Thrills, BTW).

My 2 cents.
I currently have a cryo'd Chris VH Flavor 2 w/ Furutech connectors on my Audio Refinement Complete integrated and it sounds very open,neutral, transparent,good extension and dynamic.A 5 ft version of same ready-made will cost you about $175.00.Much less un-cryo'd and with cheaper connectors. I previously had a Shunyata Sidewinder Gold on the ARC and in comparison, the Sidewinder was colored with less extension, especially the highs.It also was a smidge grainier-sounding. The Sidewinder is a very nice cord though.