Anyone compared Totem Forest to Odyessy Lorelei

I have listened to the Forest at a dealer and liked them for a two way speaker, providing good dynamics, imaging,low end and staging. However I have read some good things about the Lorelei speaker. Any input would help before I buy . Thanks
I have not heard the Totem's, but I do own a pair of Lorelei's and there are only a few speakers that I would prefer over them. Those few are either too big or too expensive. The bass out of the Lorelei's are unbelievable, most people think I have the sub on, others think I have the center going alog with the sub. Other speakers that I have owned are B&W 805 sig's, Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Grands and Von Schweikert VR4jr's and I don't miss any of them.
i like the totem's over the lorelei. i do like the odyssey's but the forest is a more musical speaker. the forest will give you the bottom end like the lorelei (but tighter) and a better midrange with sweet sounding highs. you should listen to them before you buy if possible. the totems will require a good front end to get the best out of them.
I find it hard to believe that the Totem's are more musical than the lorelei's, but since I haven't heard them, I can't dispute it. Did you hear the Odyssey room this year? I heard many good things about the new Kismet line, I made it last year, but not this year.

I'm in the Mpls area if you are close, you're welcome to take a listen, if not go over and post on the AudioCircle site, I'm sure ther are other owners that are willing to give a demo.
Klaus does have a 30 home trial period, if you are buying new.

i did. it was ok. i used to own the odyssey monoblocks a few years ago and they were nice, but i have since have had mcintosh and classe equipment which are many levels above the odyssey. for the $$$, odyssey produce some very nice equipment. but i prefer the sound of a mcintosh/classe amps and totem speakers over the odyssey gear. i do pay more but it s worth it imo.