Anyone compared these 2 Preamps ?

Has anyone compared the BAT VK-30se to the First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II. What are the sonic differences? I have a BAT CDP (the SE type) and Aronov Monoblock Amps. Help appreciated.
I have not heard the FSP but currently have the VK-30SE in my house on loan to me until my VK-50SE gets back from a friends. The BAT preamp is the best preamp I have heard. Whether you buy the 30SE or 50SE, I have not heard anything that can touch them. I have owned the ARC Ref 2, which is a tremendous preamp and only sold it because I was going integrated when at the last moment I heard the BAT and was blown away. The 30SE has an advantage over the 50SE if you listen to LPs. You can add a phono stage to the 30SE for only $500 which is not available in the 50SE. The 30SE is also almost identical to the 50SE sonically. The BAT has long life 6H30 "super tubes" and comes with a 5 year warranty on the equipment and 1 year on the tubes.

I wish I could be more help with regards to the FSP.
Hi Meyerb, I haven't heard the VK-30SE but I can tell you that I totally agree with Jtinn statements about the VK-50SE. I also would like to add that Bat has excellent customer service. Best of luck, Tom
I'm a happy owner of a VK50SE. I had an Audio Research SP-11 for years, and auditioned the Ref 1 amongst many others. The only thing I can say is this: The VK50SE is the best preamp I've heard anywhere, bar none.
yes. I own a BAT VK50-SE. I was at a friend's house when we did a direct A/B comparison between the BAT VK-30SE and the First Sound Presence Deluxe pre-amp. Sonically, it was a clear win for the First Sound--no question about it. Of course, the BAT has the benefit of a remote and fancy user interface. If you don't mind getting up to change volume, get the First Sound. I couldn't deal with that, so that's why I got the BAT. Also, if you don't have multiple sources, you can get the First Sound made with only a single input (and no input selector switches or mute switches). This sounds even better than with the input selector. Craig Zastera