Anyone compared the Vitus SL-102 to the SL-101 ?

Cannot find any reviews on the Vitus SL-102 Preamp. Has anyone listened to the SL-102 and how much better is it than the SL-101 ?
Hi Audiozen,
Five years after you posted this question, I wonder if you ever found an answer?  I am now wondering the same thing, with used SL-101 preamps now popping up in the marketplace at a rational price.  No sign of a 102 just yet.   Thanks!  Trying to better an Ayre KX-R Twenty with something sonically close to Robert Koda but with a more modern user interface.  Best, D
I am wondering in the exact same thing about an Ayre KXR verses a Vitus SL-102 in 2020.  Any thoughts if the Vitus is a step up and in what area’s.