Anyone compared the Rega Apollo...

Anyone compared the new Rega Apollo with their existing cdp???...
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There have also been several discussions about the Apollo at Audio Asylum. Igot mie last week & was using a Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD player. The Apollo is one smooth player & beats the heck out of the A3.2 and the Jolida JS100. They are going fast in the US and I have heard they are on backorder due to high demand. Find a dealer near you & see if they have one. What player are you currently using? Do a search at Audio Asylum in the Digital forum & you will see some threads for the Apollo. So far there havent been any negative remarks. I bought mine without hearing it first & have no regrets!
I had a Jolida JD100 player. Before that it was a Musical Fidelity. Before that it was a Teac Esoteric. The Apollo beats them all hands down. Very smooth, musical and detailed. The best sounding player I've ever heard personally. I bought mine without seeing or hearing it. No regrets on my end.

In answer to your question, I am comparing it to several players in my system including a Lector CDP 7TL, a Musical Fidelity A5, and an Audio Aero Capitole 24/196 all more costly units. The Apollo holds its own against all of them overall and exceeds each one in different areas.
Has anyone compared the Apollo with the Rega Jupiter 2000? If so, what differences?
I've had an Apollo for about ten days now, and I feel it's breaking in nicely. There's no way to compare to my previous equipment because I recently moved and have not had a working digital source in this room before (that's another story*). First impressions, though, are very positive. It's crisp and quick, but the fatiguing harshness that happened in the first few hours has gone away.

I have what for you guys is low end stuff: Musical Fidelity A3.5, ProAc Response 1.5's, Project 1.2 table with brand new Dynavector 20XH.
I wouldnt call your stuff low end for a minute,pro ac low end ah let me think for a minute ah no not low end,anyway interesting about ---m I cant wait to try the Apollo,God knows ive tried enough digital over the years,maybe the Apollo will do the trick if it does I will quite happy and surprised,lets hope for the best,In the past ive had $300 to $2500 players they have all gone out the door some sooner then later,it will be a couple months but cant wait to hear how it sounds and compares to what ive had .